• March 18, 2022

Can you freeze asparagus How to freeze asparagus

Can you freeze asparagus?

How to freeze asparagus properly? Asparagus is a very valuable vegetable. Unfortunately, it is typically seasonal. Only in spring can we enjoy the taste of these nutritional sprouts and benefit from the value that eating them brings us. Wondering if you can keep asparagus in your kitchen for longer? You want to eat them all year round? The answer to these cravings will be freezing them.

How to freeze asparagus: A way to retain flavor and nutritional value

The list of benefits of eating asparagus could go on and on. They contain, among other things, folic acid, vitamins E and C, fibre, calcium and phosphorus. They are low in calories and help you lose weight. Eating them is good for pregnant women, people with eye or heart problems or too high cholesterol. But will the frozen vegetable retain all its nutritional value?? The answer is yes! Freezing asparagus is the perfect way to preserve it in your kitchen. They will not lose any flavor or health benefits.

How to freeze asparagus step by step

Best to freeze green, white or purple asparagus. First you need to prepare it properly, clean it, cut off the tough ends, dry it thoroughly before freezing. Remember to wrap asparagus tightly in plastic wrap so that it is less likely to spoil over time. It is very important to freeze vegetables quickly, so that they still maintain their structure and crunchiness. That’s why we recommend setting your freezer to the lowest possible temperature. You can also freeze the cut ends and then use them as, for example, a salad topping.