• March 16, 2022

How to arrange a kitchen in a block of flats, a house – arranging a small kitchen

How to properly arrange a kitchen?

The kitchen should be arranged practically. This is where many a housewife spends a lot of time, taking care of food preparation, cooking, and making sure the whole family has great food. If the kitchen is large, it’s also the place for social gatherings. If the kitchen is large, it can be divided into a kitchen proper and a dining area. A large table and 4-6 chairs can be placed in the latter. This is where the meals will be served and eaten.

So how to arrange a small kitchen to make the most of its space? In a proper kitchen, you need a large, sturdy countertop where you can prepare meals, cabinets and a chair for the lady of the house to sit and work while sitting or relaxing. In addition, the kitchen must have a stove, refrigerator and space for the equipment necessary for cooking – food processors, blenders, electric kettle, steamer, slow cooker, etc. A coffee machine and food processor can be placed on the worktop. Other appliances are best put in the cabinets so they don’t get in the way and don’t hinder daily life.

How to decorate your kitchen?

A comfortable kitchen is a good place to work. It needs to be tidy and well-furnished. It is best to order customized furniture because the company will come, measure the kitchen and determine with the customer what the cabinets should be, how to place them and how to arrange this most functional room in the whole house or apartment. In blocks of flats, kitchens are small, which is why their careful preparation is so important. A decent kitchen is important, after all, many hours are spent there every day preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner, and it is also visited by family members to eat something in between meals. The colors of the kitchen are usually light: white, beige, light gray or light blue. Optically brighten and enlarge the interior. Read more interesting facts about kitchen decorating.