• April 11, 2022

Extruders, or useful equipment at home – Fit recipes and places.

Juicers, or useful appliances in the home

Each of us. The body needs proper hydration and a healthy diet every day.

It should mainly consist of lots of vegetables and fruit. A great way to enjoy their benefits is with squeezers. Juice squeezers are an advanced type of press. Their key elements are the squeezing chamber and auger. We can divide them into single-screw and twin-screw juicers, as well as horizontal and vertical juicers.

The screw rotates inside the chamber and thanks to the generated pressure force juices full of vitamins and minerals are extracted from fruits and vegetables. Fruit juicers and vegetable juicers are designed to extract as much nutritious juice as possible. Natural, full of vitamins, colourful and delicious juice, prepared by ourselves, is an ideal way to supplement our daily diet. Nowadays juicers are adapted to squeeze both fruits and vegetables. Fruit and vegetable juicers are equipped with a special screen, made of ultemium, which is very precise. The gently squeezed juice is filtered through them, making it clear and clean. The rest of the fruit and vegetables, the so-called. The rest of the fruit and vegetables, the so-called pulp, is pushed out of the machine through a separate channel into a special container. Among the squeezers we can also mention those which are adapted to squeezing herbs. Herbal juicers can extract nutrients from all kinds of leafy produce. The advantage of juicers is the highest quality juices.

This is determined by squeezing from the whole fruit or vegetable, thanks to which they are extremely rich in minerals and vitamins, and also essential and quite thick, so you can enjoy the full flavour. This is where slow speed technology comes in. Slow-rotating juicers operate at a slower speed. Their task is not to chop, as in a juicer, but to slowly crush the ingredients so as not to destroy their cellular structure. A very important element here is the specially adapted worm shaft. Slow-speed technology extracts almost all of the vitamins and minerals from fruit, vegetables and herbs in delicious juice.