• June 9, 2022

How to peel a mango Proper mango peeling instructions

How to peel a mango?

Mango is a fruit often purchased by people in Poland. How to peel a mango? A good fruit should be ripe, springy, not too hard. There are several ways to peel a mango. Wash the fruit with cold water and dry. It is best to peel it over a dish as it is a juicy fruit and can splash.

Peeling a mango step by step

Do not press the fruit, hold it gently. Cut off part of the fruit near the stone, then cut off the other part of the fruit along the stone. You will be left with two large pieces of fruit in the peel and a slice of mango with a stone. Peel the mango around the stone and put it in a bowl. Then it is time for the two halves of the fruit.

The flesh is scooped out by the peel with a spoon. The pulp will be suitable for blending. If, however, you need a large piece of fruit, put it into a glass with the rind outside. Then move the fruit downwards. The pulp and juice will fall into the glass, and the peel of the fruit will remain on the glass. The method is very good and effective. The waste will end up in the trash, and the fruit can be processed and added to cakes or cakes for example. oatmeal.

Method for peeling mangoes

The mango fruit is cut into checkerboard shapes and you roll the half on the other side. This is how a mango hedgehog is made. Using a small knife, cut the flesh into strips and then once again into strips, but across. Cutting the fruit should be done gently, do not cut the skin of the fruit, because all the work will be in vain. The pieces of fruit will be small and neat, you can remove them with a spoon or knife. This is a very good solution and a way to get the mango skin off efficiently.