• January 21, 2022

How to choose the best diet catering in Warsaw Fit recipes and places.

How to choose the best dietetic catering in Warsaw?

There are a lot of companies offering diet catering in Warsaw. Their offerings are very similar, their prices similar, and online reviews can no longer be trusted. So how to choose the best offer?

O diet catering a few words

To begin with, a few words about what it is diet catering. It is a set of five meals, prepared, vacuum-packed and delivered every morning to the designated place. Sets differ from each other e.g. calories. In addition to the meals, the delivered set will include cutlery, printed menu for the day and napkins. So much for the theory. Time to get down to specifics.

Best diet catering in Warsaw

As the old saying goes “The devil is in the details”. The same goes for the selection diet catering. Seemingly the offer looks similar, but in the details you can see the difference.

Start with your friends

Before you sit in front of your computer screen and type in the search term “diet catering Warsaw” simply ask your friends, if any of them uses such a service. You go to the gym, pool or crossfit? You can be sure that someone of your friends is already using catering. Ask about what kind of catering they use, what they like and what they would prefer to improve.

Such research will show you that when someone goes for crossfit they usually use Pomelo Food Company, because the company cooperates with one of the first crossfit boxes in Warsaw, namely CrossFit GCW. And it is in Pomelo that they have great diets for athletes.

First cats behind the fence. Now it is time to check offers on the Internet. Find all companies that interest you. Make a list. Consider the criteria that are important to you, which may be decisive when choosing catering.

These can be m.in.:

  • Free delivery right to your door
  • promotions for new clients
  • possibility to order a trial set
  • discounts for several orders to the same address
  • and of course the price

Based on the above criteria, make a selection of companies from the list.

Order a trial kit

When there are only a few names left on your list of companies it is time for the last round, that is ordering test sets. On the basis of a test set you can evaluate the taste of the dishes and decide if this is what you are looking for and expect from diet catering.

Usually the trial set costs several dozen PLN.

Diet catering is not only convenience, but also a guarantee of quality, taste. Well-chosen catering is an investment in your own health.