• January 26, 2022

Cakes for allergy sufferers – an interesting alternative in confectionery – Fit recipes and places.

Cakes for allergy sufferers – an interesting alternative in confectionery

A cake is almost always an obligatory element of birthday parties, but also of many other anniversaries. Its baking is always quite a challenge and in practice most people decide to buy a ready-made cake, often with a dedication and specially ordered decorations. This avoids many problems with its creation.

Without a lot of confectionery knowledge and having the right baking trays, this usually turns out to be unfeasible anyway. But what to do in a situation, when the person for whom we want to prepare such a cake turns out to be allergic? Buying a simple cake will not make anyone happy, and in some cases can be dangerous.

The most common food allergies

The most common food allergies are allergies to gluten, lactose and milk proteins. Many people react badly to products containing nuts or certain grains. It is often the case that we cannot tolerate artificial additives that are commonly used in food and confectionery. Taste enhancers, artificial dyes and many substances that a cake can do without are often massively added to them, however, and all of this takes a toll on our health. So, as a person who can’t tolerate some ingredients or even categorically cannot eat them, are we condemned to say goodbye to sweet cakes, cupcakes and other delicacies?? Of course not.

An allergen-free cake is possible

A cake for allergy sufferers is made exactly to our specifications, although we can of course choose from a ready-made composition of ingredients. If desired, it will be free of artificial sugars, as well as milk and other animal products. It is very important that usually such cakes do not contain gluten, to which many people are allergic, and even more consciously avoid it for their health. The number of combinations in a good candy store is countless. We will certainly adjust the cake to our expectations.