• May 11, 2022

Private clinic as a good choice – Fit regulations and locations.

Private clinic as a good choice

Private practice is still the best option to get the highest quality care at the lowest cost. And while the number of private practices has fluctuated in recent years, they are poised for a comeback under a new business model.

Here’s what it means for consumers – and why you shouldn’t give up on private practices:

Independence leads to the best care. Under the private practice model, doctors have full autonomy to make decisions that will lead to the best outcome for the patient. A trusting doctor-patient relationship consists of only two parties: the doctor and the patient.

A third party is often introduced into this relationship when physicians work in large hospitals or health systems. These health systems, run mostly by executives without clinical training, have a surprising influence on the medical decisions made by the physician. The organization can dictate what tests to perform, what brand of implants to use in orthopedic surgery, and even push for more surgeries, regardless of whether they are really required by the patient.

In addition, independent practices are much more flexible than large health systems or hospitals – meaning they can implement new technologies and techniques more quickly.

Private treatment can lower expenses. Hospital treatment will always be the most expensive option for a variety of reasons, including fee-for-service and reimbursement structures. Where possible, private physicians can perform surgeries for low-risk patients in outpatient clinics – which dramatically reduces costs, usually improving the patient experience.

Studies show that orthopedic surgeries cost more when performed in a hospital setting compared to an outpatient clinic. Quality isn’t inferior due to lower cost, either: additional studies have shown that outpatient care is simply more efficient, allowing patients to spend less time in an ambulatory surgery center than in a hospital while still realizing the same clinic results.

The private practice model is evolving – not dying. The independent combined clinic is a business model that is rapidly gaining popularity because it combines the best of both worlds. Individual practices join together so they can maintain the autonomy and standard of patient care that is unique to private practice, while benefiting from shared financial resources, economies of scale and a broader network of services.

An orthopedist privately retains the advantages of private care such as commitment to quality, patient experience and efficiency, and low-cost service remains the same. But with the support of a larger group, you can offer patients convenient access to local specialists, as well as ancillary services such as physical therapy.

Combined clinics are becoming an increasingly attractive and cost-effective option for private practitioners in every specialty, from primary care to urology. The next time you need to look for a doctor, don’t skip private practices and assume that they will no longer work. Instead, think about the independent care and savings they can provide, and make a decision based on your own circumstances. The model of private practice, although with sometimes has difficulties will remain.