• June 17, 2022

Properties of rosemary – medicinal, history and more. Best Fit Meals

Rosemary in your kitchen!

Rosemary is very popular in Polish cuisine and has been doing so for many, many years. It is not uncommon to find references to it in literature and art. But what we should know about it and what properties it has?

The history of rosemary

This plant was already known in ancient times. Rosemary has earned a reputation as a memory restorer and has also become a symbol of fidelity for married couples. Some brides even wore garlands of specially braided rosemary branches before their weddings. In the past, rosemary surrounded by resin was burned in courtrooms during trials to clear the air of „prison fever” as the disease typhus was called in those days. Interestingly, people fleeing from the plague in 1665 placed rosemary sprigs in their pants pockets in the belief that the strong smell of the herb would protect them from the infectious disease.

The countries of the South smell of rosemary!

In the Mediterranean countries, houses in the countryside are decorated with bouquets of rosemary, as the warmth of the sun, which is ubiquitous in these regions, releases a unique aroma from the plant. There’s a reason why the scent of rosemary is said to waft over southern Europe! This shrubby plant has even been used to build decorative fences and beautiful hedges. Rosemary has even been used to make sculptures!

Health benefits of rosemary

However, rosemary is not only a great story and a beautiful scent but also has health properties. It is worth using it in your kitchen when cooking because has a positive effect on the digestive system. It is also recommended for people who exercise intensively at the gym, as relieves muscle pain. With rosemary at hand, sore muscles are no longer a threat! What is interesting, Rosemary is also antifungal. If you have not already done so, start using rosemary!