• January 14, 2022

Coating fish – how to coat fish with and without eggs

Coating fish – how to coat fish?

How to make bread crumbs for fish? Nowadays a balanced diet is incredibly important. We try to make our meals during the day healthy and rich in vitamins. Fish contain the most (omega 3, A, D, E and B vitamins and other minerals).

The first element is to choose the right fish. If you are not an angler and you do not catch fish yourself, go to a good fish store, where you will have a choice of fresh fish. How to recognize fresh fish? There is nothing difficult here. If the fish you have chosen has shiny scales and is covered with a fine slime, you can take it to our kitchen.

How to bread fish?

Coating is a very important step in preparing fish. But first we need to season it properly. We should eat it at least twice a week, that is why I have it so often. Personally I use only pepper and salt, but the important thing is to choose the pepper, and there are many types available on the market. Specifically for fish I prefer lemon pepper, for a simple reason, if the fish was previously swimming in water with mud, such pepper will kill its smell and we will be able to extract the perfect taste.

Coating for fish – preparation

But to the point, after proper seasoning comes the time for preparing the coating for the fish. We prepare three bowls to which we add flour, egg and breadcrumbs one by one.

I use wheat flour because it’s delicate, but in the next part I’ll present other options, so be sure to read the rest before making the fish yourself to make your choice.

Scramble the egg thoroughly. I do not use a fork for this as a smooth texture is best, I suggest a good egg whisk or mixer. Why? Our coating will be very thick if too much egg remains on the fish and thus also very fat and this is not necessarily healthy.

As for breadcrumbs we also have many options, I recommend breadcrumbs that we dry ourselves and grind very finely, but I know from experience that children, for example, love breadcrumbs made of finely ground cornflakes, which makes our fish crunchy.

What flour to use for breading fish?

It is a matter of individual choice. As I mentioned earlier, he used wheat flour, which makes the fish very delicate and our breadcrumbs will gently come away from the piece of fish.

We can also use corn flour, which will give our dish a crunchy element that I’m sure the kids will appreciate.

Coating fish without egg

There is also a school of thought that says you can fry the fish in flour alone. If the fish you have chosen has a very intense taste of its own or you just like very delicate coating I recommend this method. Of course, not forgetting beforehand to season the fish to taste.

Frying breaded fish

After delicate but thorough Coat a particular piece of fish we move on to frying it. In a deep frying pan, heat the oil vigorously. There must be quite a lot of it, preferably so that the fat almost covers our portion of fish. Fry for a few minutes on each side until the bread crumbs are nicely browned. Then put it in a warm, dry pan (I usually put another pan on the burner and heat it up a little) and cover it. In this simple way our dish will not be greasy and we can easily prepare all the pieces, saving time to dry the fish from excess fat with paper towels.

While our delicious breaded fish keep warm we can prepare salads and cook potatoes.