• February 7, 2022

Dioptrometers – devices for measuring lens values

Dioptrometers – devices for measuring lens values

Dioptrometers are high-tech devices that allow you to take optical lens measurements. Their use is not limited to ophthalmologists’ offices and optical workshops. Modern dioptrometers must also be found in the equipment of every professional grinding shop and are an essential tool for lens manufacturers. What criteria should you follow when choosing equipment for your own practice?

Eye care equipment

Ophthalmic surgeries i optical workshops must be equipped with modern equipment, whose quality and reliability are a guarantee of good work of the specialists using it. Already during their studies, every future ophthalmologist and optician comes into contact with dioptrometers, learning how to use them, but choosing the right dioptrometer is not easy and may cause many problems.

The optometer can be equipped with a number of functions that make everyday work easier:

  • advanced measuring functions,
  • large color touch screen monitor,
  • high speed of measurement,
  • An intense source of light (essential when measuring lenses with a low Abbe value),
  • measuring strip (increases the measuring range of the dioptrometer),
  • automatic measurement of the power of the additive.

– „A huge advantage of modern dioptrometers is their “intelligence”, which makes the use of such equipment a real pleasure and allows you to make extremely precise measurements, which were impossible&#8221 a few years ago; – explains the expert from Poland Optical.

When choosing a dioptrometer, it is worth paying attention to which comfort provides. The best solution is to buy a device that allows you to work comfortably while sitting and standing, and also allows you to precisely and customize the monitor.

New or used – which diopter to choose?

There is no shortage of used, often already outdated dioptrometers on the market, which are chosen because of their low purchase cost. It is worth knowing that only modern and technologically advanced devices will allow you to perform your work reliably and will make your patients return and recommend your ophthalmologist’s or optician’s practice, which is of great importance.

High quality service is the best way to ensure patients’ health and satisfaction with their visit to the ophthalmologist – keep this in mind and try to equip your practice according to the latest standards.