• March 28, 2022

Which pizza is best with meat or vegetarian – Fit recipes and places.

Which pizza is best: with meat or vegetarian

Which pizza is better – with or without meat? If you are a vegetarian, the choice is obvious. And the other gourmets of pizza? Well, they mostly fall into two camps on this issue. And both groups have their undeniable reasons.

Pizza without meat – the best for classic fans

Pizza, which was born in Italy, was originally prepared without meat. It was considered a simple dish that even the less well-off could afford. Old pizzas consisted simply of a thin crust, seasoned with olive oil and sometimes a little cheese. Meat was added to pizza extremely rarely. What is unthinkable today was fish meat.
When tomatoes were introduced to Italy after the discovery of America, they were added to the pizza until they became an indispensable ingredient. It was a real revolution. But even then, there was no question of any meat topping.
At the end of the 19th century, the chef Rafaello Esposito, made a pizza with mozzarella especially for Queen Margherita of Savoy. Over time, this meatless type of pizza, named after the king’s wife, has become the number one menu item in almost all pizzerias.
So, meatless pizza is the most classic variation of the Italian dish. It still has many fans today, which include the biggest traditionalists. They claim that according to old recipes, pizza should have as few ingredients as possible.

Pizza with meat – what we love it for

Although the first pizzas were typically vegetarian dishes, over time meat has become an indispensable ingredient in extremely popular types of pizza.
Pizza capriciosa, with mozzarella cheese, tomatoes and mushrooms, could not exist without the addition of ham. Some versions of this pizza recipe use only Parma ham, a traditionally prepared Italian sausage. This ham can only be produced in the specific climate of the Italian province of Parma. It is subjected to a drying process that takes about twelve months. This ham has a unique, very delicate flavor.
Another very popular type of pizza with meat is the well-known pepperoni pizza. This pizza consists of cheese, tomato sauce and an Italian sausage called pepperoni. It is nothing else but a spicy variety of salami. This pizza is a favorite menu item for fans of slightly spicier foods. Pizzerias often add other spicy toppings, like different kinds of peppers, to satisfy spicy pizza lovers.
So there are types of pizza that you can’t even imagine without meat and others – typically vegetarian.
And you? Which one do you prefer??